Do you need petite length socks?

Do you need petite length socks?

Compression socks and stockings are not like regular hosiery - they come in lengths (just like pants and trousers!).

To see if you need a short length, let's review some questions:

  1. Do your knee length compression socks dig into the back of your knee?
  2. Do your compression socks or stockings develop wrinkles at the ankle that sometimes become uncomfortable or dig into your skin?
  3. Does your lower leg (from floor to bend in the knee) measure less than 15.5"?
  4. Do you buy petite length pants or hem the pants you do buy?
  5. Have you ever folded the top of your compression socks over? NOOO.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you likely need to consider a short length compression sock.

Short or petite length compression socks are cut for a shorter leg, to prevent potential discomfort and to guarantee you're getting the correct amount of compression applied to the correct part of your leg.

How to Measure

To be sure that you need this length and to find the best sock for you, you'll need to measure. Most medical compression socks are sized by leg measurements, so the effort will be worth it! If you're shopping for knee highs, you'll need to measure three places:

  1. The Ankle - at the slimmest part, just above your ankle bone.
  2. The Calf - at the widest point between your ankle and knee
  3. Lower Leg Length - from the floor, up the back of your leg, to the bend in your knee

If you're shopping for a thigh high or pantyhose, you'll need to get one additional measurement:

  • The circumference of your thigh about three finger widths below your buttocks

Once you have these measurements you can start hunting for the perfect socks and stockings, and checking the size charts to see if they'll be a good fit for you. Sound like a lot of work? You can email us or call us, and we'll find the best fit for you!

Style Options

Petite lengths are made in knee high socks, thigh highs and pantyhose - so you can get whatever style you need. Short lengths are even available in our velcro calf wraps!

Our Favorite Petite Length Socks

Sigvaris - All of the Sigvaris socks and stockings come in two length options - Short and Long. Sigvaris recommends the short length for anyone with a lower leg measurement less than 16" Juzo -

Juzo offers many of their lines in Short AND Petite. What's the difference? Short is designed for anyone with a measurement of 13-15.75" and Petite is designed for anyone with a lower leg length that's less than 13". Check out the Juzo Soft and Juzo Dynamic lines to find these length options.

Therafirm Core-Spun - The Core-Spun line of socks is ideal for anyone with a petite leg AND a wide calf. The Short Length in Core-Spun is designed for those with a lower leg less than 16", but the calf size can go all the way up to 25". Another great thing about this series, is that you can get a low compression level of 10-15 mmHg in a short. This is the only line that offers a petite length in this compression level.

- If you're looking for a Petite in a Sheer, we definitely recommend the Medi Sheer & Soft line. The Petite in this brand is designed for a lower leg length of 12"-15"

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