CEP Women's Allday Merino Socks


20-30 mmHg

SKU: WP40C62

Enjoy faster recovery and fresh feet when you work out, in everyday life, and when you travel. CEP’s Allday Merino Compression Socks for Women, comprised of heat and moisture regulating merino wool, are specifically designed for this purpose- To keep your feet fresh, cool and comfortably dry while accelerating your recovery. You can immediately feel how unique the fabric blend is right when you put on these socks. They combine premium quality and innovative compression technology. The natural merino wool feels pleasantly soft on your skin and offers luxurious comfort. Its natural fibers warm or cool you depending on the ambient temperature, repel dirt and water and are odor resistant. The material composition of synthetic fibers, wool and spandex creates an extra-thin, elastic fabric.


  • The high-quality blend of materials and anatomical design guarantee maximum comfort.
  • No more slipping thanks to the anatomical design and skin-tight fit.
  • The innovative blend of materials with merino wool and synthetic fibers perfectly regulates heat and moisture for comfortable feet.
  • Compression Level: 20-30 mmHg


Length: Knee High
50% Polyamide, 28% Wool (Merino)