Medi LymphPads

SKU: 7500025
Mediven LymphPads, Coarsely Napped
Mediven LymphPads, Ribbed
Mediven LymphPads, Finely Napped

Medi LymphPads

SKU: 7500025

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Break up hardened fibrotic tissue with these innovative pads from Medi. Worn under bandages or compression garments, these pads stimulate the lymphatic system directing lymph fluid away form the affected area and softening fibrosis. Available 8 x 10" sheets that can be cut to any shape. These pads are available in three different textures - your medical professional or lymphedema therapist can help pick the best texture for your individual needs.


  • Help loosen tissue induration and fibrosis and support the treatment of edema.
  • Can be trimmed to size, used as whole sheets, or integrated into compression garments.
  • Are used for specific pressure distribution or to increase pressure over critical zones.
  • Washable up to 100°F Latex Free.
  • Backed with polyamide fleece for improved stability and tear resistance.