Arion SlideX

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Arion SlideX

Arion SlideX

SKU: 7957106

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Arion SlideX is a thin and smooth extension aid for the legs that minimizes friction between compression garment and skin from above the ankle to the knee (size M) and up to the upper leg (sizes L and XL). Thanks to its unique sliding properties, Arion SlideX lets compression stockings and tights slide smoothly and thus more easily over the skin.

It may be particularly helpful in case of:

  • very sensitive skin on the legs
  • open wounds covered by a plaster or bandage
  • leg ulcers
  • a larger than average lower leg (e.g. for lipoedema/lymphoedema)
  • or to put on high stockings or tights

Arion SlideX is an extension aid to use in combination with other Arion application aids like Arion Easy-Slide, Arion Sim-Slide®, Arion Magnide® or Arion Magnide® 2in1. It is therefore adapted for stocking and tights with open and closed toe. It can be used by compression wearers and by caregivers.