Sigvaris Coolflex Standard Foot Wrap


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SKU: 2101-BTR-L

The Coolflex Standard Foot is the latest addition to the innovative Coolflex brand of products.

The new foot compression garment is designed for the treatment of venous and lymphatic disorders and may be paired with the Coolflex Standard Calf to create a complete lower leg compression system.

The Coolflex Standard Foot is a low-profile compression garment. The low-profile design fits into most footwear, allowing the wearer to remain in their compression garment, even when they are on the go!

Wearers of the Coolflex Standard Foot will enjoy the breathability of the lightweight material, and the garments ability to release heat and transfer moisture away from the skin. These properties not only promote comfort but also improve the condition of the skin.


  • A low profile compression garment
  • Designed with contours and seaming to ensure an optimal fit
  • Offers 20-30mmHg of compression
  • Made using the innovative mesh Spacer Fabric which offers breathability and moisture-wicking properties
  • Easy-to-grasp bands for self-application and removal


Brand: Sigvaris
Series: Coolflex
20-30 mmhg
Style: Foot Wrap