L&R Solaris Caresia Thigh Bandage Liner




Caresia Thigh Bandage Liners work with the Below Knee Liner to provide full leg coverage. Caresia bandage liners replace stockinette and multiple layers of padding and foam, making the bandaging process much simpler and faster. The foam chips in Caresia stimulates the tissue, encouraging re-absorption of interstitial fluids to reduce swelling. Simply don the Caresia liner, and with short stretch bandages, use a spiral or figure-eight wrapping style with 50% overlap. Bandages should be snug, but not tight. For an even easier solution, use ReadyWrap over top instead of bandages. Caresia is designed to disperse irregular bandage pressure, creating a uniform symmetrical shape to the limb. It pads boney parts, and fills in concave spaces, compensating for anatomical differences without impairing gradient compression. To size the Caresia Thigh Liner measure the circumference of thigh at groin, and length of leg from knee to groin. Tape should be snug, bug not constricting. If you are between sizes, choose the smaller size to accommodate a reduction in swelling. Made in USA from meryl, lycra and polyurethane.


  • Available in 3 lengths


Brand: Solaris
Style: Liner
Series: Caresia